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Hilo, HI's complete towing services and more!

our team that takes care of your car parts

We've got the parts you need

Ken's Towing in Hilo, HI is fully stocked with an impressive range of car and motor parts in addition to complete towing services.
Our reconditioned spare parts are fully inspected and carefully restored to an as-new condition. This means you get quality spare parts at a fraction of the cost of brand-new car components.
For more information, or to find out if we have the part you need in stock, please call our salvage yard for friendly service. 

Quality used parts

A used car tire and towing services in Hilo, HI
If you have a need for engines and transmissions after an auto-wreck, we can help you get your car in top shape as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction when it comes to auto-wrecking services in Hilo, HI. We guarantee if we don't have the parts you need we will find them and get your car running immediately. 

Car removal

Car is being removed by towing services and salvage yard in Hilo, HI

Ken's Towing has a complete selection of quality used car parts in Hilo, HI. Our salvage yard has an excellent selection, with all major makes and models represented. When it comes to towing services, it's hard to beat Ken's!

You'll find everything you need at Ken's Towing, including parts from late-model vehicles. Our spare parts are reconditioned with care to ensure that they provide the same service as factory-new spares. 

Car parts for a fraction of the price of new

Man removing a transmission and engine after towing services in Hilo, Hi

At our salvage yard in Hilo, we take care to ensure that all our recycled spare parts are of the highest possible quality.

Along with offering great pricing on used parts, Ken's Towing provides an extensive inventory of parts for cars and trucks. Let us know what part or vehicle you are looking for, and we can check to see if we have it. We will also be on the look out for parts if you make a request with us. For towing services and more, call us!

Car parts are hard to come by if you don't know how to find them. Let Ken's Towing help you find the name brand parts you need to get your car working like new again. We have been in the auto-wrecking business for years and know where to find the specific engines and transmissions that you need now. 

At Ken's Towing we have maintained great relationships with other auto-wrecking contacts in our business. These companies come from around the globe so you are guaranteed to find the part. This also helps bring the best prices on engines and transmissions to you. Then we can give you the best financial option for your parts in Hilo, HI!

We can ensure that you will get the highest quality auto parts and service. Give us a call at (808) 969-3000 we would love to hear from you. We can help you find these and many other items:

• Engines
• Transmissions
• Batteries
• Brakes
• Tires
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